From the blurbs

Published: Monday 15 June 2009
ICTs and Indian Social Change: Diffusion, Poverty, Governance by M Vijaybaskar, Ashwin Saith and V Gayathri, Sage, Rs 750

This is a book for techno-idealists. It has much on the impact of information and communication technologies on the lives of people. It traces how technologies work on urban and rural spaces, highlights the new kinds of social identities they foster and claims to open an arena for dialogue between activists, technologists, policy makers and academia.

Beyond Counter-Insurgency, Breaking the Impasse in Northeast India: Edited by Sanjib Baruah, Oxford University Press, Rs 825

Northeast India has endured decades of conflicts that have kept much of the region militarized, subject to restrictions on civil rights, and economically underdeveloped.In this volume, contributors ranging from the social sciences, philosophy, and cultural studies, to journalism and the civil services reflect on new ways of approaching and resolving these conflicts.

A Sahib's Manual for the Mali by Alick Percy-Lancaster, edited by Lateeq Futehally, Permanent Black, Rs 250

Alick Percy-Lancaster was the last Englishman to hold the post of Superintendent of Horticultural Operations, government of India. After Independence, his chores included maintaining 15,000 avenue trees on roads and clipping over 200 km of hedges. This collection put together by Lateeq Futehally is as much for amateur gardeners as those who like gardens, but cannot tell phlox from petunia.
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