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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

Social and economic impact of SEZs in India, Aradhna Aggarwal, OUP, Rs 745

This is a review of the evolution of SEZs in India from a historical perspective. It analyses the economic rationale of SEZs, their impact on employment and government revenue.

Digital India, understanding information, communication and social change, Pradip Ninan Thomas, Sage, Rs 650

This book is a case study-based critical introduction to issues of digital communication and social change.

City, a guidebook for the urban age, P D Smith, Bloomsbury, £25

For the first time in the history, more than half the population, 3.3 billion people, are now living in cities. This handbook for the archetypal city draws on a wide range of examples from cities across the world and throughout history. It explores why people first built cities and why urban populations are growing.

Reconsidering untouchability, chamars and dalit history in north India, Ramnarayan S Rawat, Permanent Black, Rs 695

Ramnarayan S Rawat shows that the majority of Chamars have always been agriculturalists and their association with the ritually impure occupation of leatherworking has largely been constructed through Hindu, colonial, and post-colonial representations of untouchability.

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