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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
Water Law, Poverty and Development by Philippe Cullet, Oxford University Press, Rs 645

This is an analysis of water law reforms in many developing countries. It also examines the international pulls and pressure. The author argues non-binding resolutions such as the Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development (1992) have had an immense influence on water law reforms in most developing countries.

The Earth Box, Be a Planet Hero by Lauren Horn, Penguin Rs 536

This colourful book is filled with easy ideas for preserving our resources; cool activities that celebrate the natural world; and facts and statistics about our environment. Young conservationists will learn how to choose less toxic alternatives to everyday materials, reduce their family's energy use, buy locally, and turn their old socks into new puppets.Plus, there's a recycled, reusable lunch bag to cut down on trash and 25 fun stickers with eco-savvy captions.

Universal history of numbers by Georges Ifrah, Penguin, Rs 595

Georges Ifrah leads the reader through the science of numeration as it has developed all over the world, from the court sages of Mesopotamia and Egypt to the priests and astronomers who perfected the Mayan calendar. We meet those who count to four--anything more is "lots"; we discover the first use of fingers and toes for counting; we follow the sequence of trial and error that chose a number of bases for counting until base 10, the metric system, was put in place. And finally we met those who discovered zero.
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