From the blurbs

Published: Wednesday 30 June 2010

COMMUNICATIONS, WOMEN, AND THE STATE IN INDIA by Robin Jeffrey, Permanent Black, Rs 695

Since data were first collected in the 1950s, Kerala’s people have been India’s greatest newspaper consumers. This book asks vital questions: Do literacy and newspapers mobilize people to take political action or does politicization make people newspaper readers?

To what extent do media wait on consumer capitalism before they break into the countryside to become truly mass media, as they have in India in the past 30 years?


Sea anemones reproduce simply by splitting into two. Sea hares are actually modified snails. One can hypnotize an octopus. Covering everything from sponges to crabs, birds, and algae, Seashore Life of India introduces us to the plant and animal life along India’s coastline.

IMPROVING ACCESS AND EFFICIENCY IN PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE by Nirupama Bajpai, Jeffrey D Sachs and Ravindra H Dholakia, Sage, Rs 695

This is a systematic midterm evaluation of the processes of India’s biggest rural health programme, National Rural Health Mission. The authors use data from health surveys and sample registration system to discuss the challenges of the mission.

MUMBAI, POLITICAL ECONOMY OF CRIME AND PLACE by Abdul Shaban, Orient Blackswan, Rs 565

This book uses recent advances in geographic information systems to understand how town planning affects socio-economic conditions in Mumbai. It then links spatial distribution of the city’s population to crime incidences.

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