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Getting to know about environment

Is bottled water, sold at exorbitant prices, better and purer than good 'ol tap water you receive for free? How can we save the tiger without uprooting people living in its natural habitat?


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By Sorit Gupto,
Published: Tuesday 26 May 2020

Sunita Narain in conversation with Piu and Pom

Since climate change affects all of us, can the poor be allowed to say that the rich must take responsibility to deal with it because they created the problem in the first place? How much does a new car cost the environment? What is the connection between flushing a toilet and a river dying?

Living in the age of information, are these questions we ever pose to ourselves?

Join SunitaNarain, India's leading environmentalist, on a fascinating journey with Piu and Pom to discover these questions (and some answers) hidden in plain sight. And all of this is packaged in comics strip format for fun reading…


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