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State of India’s Environment In Figures 2018 (eBook)

This annual compendium of environmental statistics covers diverse subjects ranging from air pollution to environmental crimes, and sanitation to energy security


Digital version

Price: $ 12.00

By Kiran Pandey, Rajit Sengupta
Published: Tuesday 15 May 2018

"What gets measured, gets managed"

It has been country’s most authoritative annual data sets on state of environment and development. Backed by over 26 years of data-driven and research-based journalism and curated by veteran data journalists, this annual publication makes a statement on state of environment through meaningful infographics.

It covers:

  • India’s ranking in world development index
  • Forest
  • Wildlife
  • Land
  • Agriculture
  • Water
  • Environmental pollution
  • River
  • Sanitation
  • Climate change
  • Development programmes
  • Legislatures and performance on programmes
  • Waste
  • Air pollution
  • Transport

Why you need to possess this annual data-book

  • India’s only data-driven state of environment annual report comes from CSE-DTE backed by over 30 years of reportage and research experience.
  • The e-book has turned enormous amount of data into insights and communicative data sets
  • It has over 50 such data sets; most of them featuring maps to navigate data effectively
  • The e-book gives you access to hundreds of other related resources for further reference; each data set has related extra resources
  • It gives you access to data sets from earlier editions of State of India’s Environment In Figures to make sense of trends in particular aspect/sector

In case of any doubt, please send an email to: raja@cseindia.org

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