The road is a gallery

Rashmi Patil, retired government employee, Karol Bagh Twenty years ago, I used public transport for my daily commute. The middle class prefers cars today. It's convenient, but it puts an enormous burden on the environment (uses the word vatavaran). Exhibitions such as these hold a mirror at us.

Published: Saturday 31 January 2009

Hakim Lal, hawker, Chandni Chowk An artwork on water when it is so scarce (points to Sheba Chachi's exhibit at Chandni Chowk)?

Rakesh Singh, policeman, Nangloi People gathering in this manner (points to a small group watching exhibits at Palika Bazaar) is not good. There are security scares. But I guess it is for a good cause.

Geeta Arya, housewife, Shastri Nagar It's a nice idea using cycle rickshaws to take people to exhibition sites. Earlier people from the middle class used cycles. Do that today and you will be scoffed at.

Sanjay, daily wage worker, Meerut Is this art? (points to Subodh Gupta's exhibit). Does it allude to water scarcity?

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