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The ways of the wild

PAT-FERNS OF THE WILD Produced by Motion Picture Service . USDA . 30 mins

By Nita Colvin
Published: Saturday 15 June 1996

Conservation of wildlife and t (Credit: A Chenji)PATTERNS of the Wild was screened at the India International Centre in New Delhi on February 24, 1996. It is a documentary on the primal theme of the preservation of wildlife and biodiversity. Although based on a conventional idea, the film's gripping narration and case studies of conservation measures adopted by us national parks featured therein, give it a new twist. It is far from the usual genre of crowd-pleasing wildlife films and manages to capture some ' captivating moments from the lives of animals like the eagle, wild fox, beaver and the porcupine, among others. The camera focuses on the predatory habits, survival instincts and courtship patterns of these creatures.

The film portrays, forests in all their varied richness. Apart from harbouring plant and animal life, a forest epitomises peaceful co- existence, interdependence and strongly echoes the sentiment of 'enough for all'. For instance, a single tree may become the abode of two different animal species, but both live in perfect harmony with one another.

The documentary also suggests that timber and wildlife management should work together. Many national parks in the us have successfully adopted this practice. For instance, leaves and twigs are left behind for deer to feed on, after the timber is felled. It is also ensured that no bird or animal is endangered by logging activities.

Biological diversity helps maintain the earth's stability and provides invaluable resources. All living creatures from the smallest organism to higher four-legged species, play a significant role in maintaining ecological balance. Therefore, it is important to reconcile human needs with conservation to ensure a healthy environment. Its didactic overtones apart, the documentary delivers the message to foresters in particular, and anyone who will listen.

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