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Will computers take over?

Book>>The Brain is Wider than the Sky by Bryan Appleyard, Weidenfield and Nicolson, £20.00

Published: Saturday 04 July 2015

bookComputer geeks are known to talk about 'Singularity,'  the moment when computers become so advanced that they “escape the limitations of the human brain”, booting themselves into ever-higher levels of intelligence. They believe the moment will occur sometime in 2045.

In this book, culture critic Brian Appleyard goes against the techno-moguls. He argues that the human mind can't be quite so easily captured as the techno-moguls like to think.

The range and pace of his book are at times dizzying, drawing Cheryl Cole, Bill Gates and C S Lewis, among others, into an alarming survey of the computer age's immersive power. It dissects the modern obsession with connectivity and information that are changing our sense of self.\

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