2022 too short, too far: Five of 2022’s best books reviewed by DTE

Down To Earth recaps the primary environment, health and developmental news from 2022  

By DTE Staff
Published: Monday 26 December 2022
2022 too short, too far: Five of 2022’s best books reviewed by DTE
Illustration: Subir Roy / Niyogi Books Illustration: Subir Roy / Niyogi Books

The year 2022 saw the commercial release of several new books across genres: Fiction, non-fiction, travellogue, memoir, autobiography, biography, anthology, poetry and many others.

Every year, Down To Earth reviews several books. However, it usually restricts choice of subject to those within its mandate: Science, environment and the politics of development. 

This year too, DTE followed this rule. Here are five of the best books that DTE reviewed with topics ranging from the Anthropocene to housing discrimination in the national capital, caste and the Partition of India, the languages of the indigenous groups of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to women workers:

In The Anthropocene Reviewed, John Green muses about American pop culture fixtures and privileged way of life presented as a review of the anthropocene.

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Properties of Rent is about the tension between rapidly changing economic realities and parallel attempts by communities like Jats to hold on to kinship associations, as well as traditional notions of respect and honour

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A person reading Caste and Partition in Bengal: The Story of Dalit Refugees, 1946-1961 would think that Dalits have never done a caste analysis of partition, which is absolutely untrue. 

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Voices from the Lost Horizon encapsulates the worldview of the Great Andamanese tribe through its stories and songs, capturing a culture that is now extinct.

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Mobile Girls Koottam is a witty take on complex issues facing women workers today.

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