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Published: Saturday 04 July 2015

Crash H - bomb The French government's move to carry out nuclear tests in spite of protests from many countries and environmentalists lends a great amount of curiosity to Richard Rhode's book, Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. In this riveting book, he tells the H-bomb. He reveals various events leading to the genesis of the H-bpmb. Words such as'gehoddeand 'evir are thrown aside, Rhode laments, in a race to be Espionage is spurred president Harry Truman to approve a crash H- bomb project. Hail Hussain Hagenbeck Tierpark, Hamburg's private zoo, is the proud'owner of the largest herd of Indian elephants in Europe. An exhibition of these pachyderms will be ir-old Hussein six cows who are due in December, At this numero uno rate part and parcel of this cold Hussein is likely to break war. For instance, Intelli- the present world record of gence reports of 1949, stat- 11 offsprings, held by 50 ing that the Soviets had year old Slam who lives in a exploded the Red H-bomb, Paris zoo.

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