From the blurbs

Published: Saturday 04 July 2015

The right to information act 2005, a handbook, by Sudhir Naib, Rs 795

The Indian state till recently denied information about its functioning and decision-making to its citizens. It was only in 2005, after a prolonged freedom of information movement, that this situation was rectified by enacting the Right to Information Act. This Handbook is meant to serve as a practical guide to the implementation of the Act.

Is wheat killing you?: The essential cookbook and guide to a wheat-free life by Ishi Khosla, Rs 399

This book will help not only the millions of people with gluten/wheat intolerance, but all those who prefer to avoid wheat. It provides information on the disease and how to manage it without having to give up one’s favourite foods.

Out of this earth: East India Adivasis and the aluminium Cartel, edited by Felix Padel and Samarendra Das, Rs 495

This anthropological uncovers the history of mining projects in tribal areas of south Odisha. The well-researched book brings to light the displacement and cultural genocide of adivasis and lays bare the bloody history of the aluminium industry in the military-industrial complex.

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