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Published: Thursday 15 September 2011

Re-visioning Indian Cities, The Urban Renewal Mission by K C Sivaramakrishnan, Sage, Rs 695

This book traces evolution of public policies on urban growth in India. It discusses the rationale behind the choice of cities covered by the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

From the Street to Hope by Neela Dabir and Naina Athale, Sage, Rs 750

This book contains data from studies on street children in Mumbai, Nairobi and Los Angeles, and analyses some of the best practices by faith-based and secular organisations to help them. It offers insight into the impact of state policies on groups working with street children.

Adivasis and the Raj: Socio-economic Transition of the Hos, 1820-1932 by Sanjukta Das Gupta, Orient Blackswan, Rs 695

This is a study of the Ho tribe of Chotanagpur from 1820, when they came into contact with the British, to 1932, when their protest took form of a religious reform movement for distinct identity.

Towards Development Economics: Indian Contributions 1900-1945, edited by J Krishnamurty, OUP, Rs 295

As the Indian economy goes through one of its most prosperous yet turbulent times, it seems appropriate to revisit its earliest scholars. Colonial India produced several economists of repute. They had anticipated recent debates in development economics well before it became part of mainstream economics. This volume showcases their contributions.

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