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Unexpected hailstorms in north and central India have destroyed crops in millions of hectares. Is it climate change?

Cartoons from our archives with a contemporary message
Facts, figures and trends in maps
Posted by Priyavrat Bhati

Companies Act, 2013 has taken steps to improve governance; however, key to improvement in environment and social performance is enhanced disclosure

Posted by Chandra Bhushan

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group Report III suggests historical emissions are a thing of the past; it endorses carbon removal options, allowing the fossil fuel industry to continue its polluting operations

Posted by Shyamala Mani

An experiment of decentralized solid, liquid and energy management in a Delhi colony is unique because the efficient functioning of a well planned waste and energy management system. The experiment demonstrates that clean environment is not a burden on the exchequer and the ecosystem benefits from reduced burden on the water table, energy and resources

Posted by Richard Mahapatra

India’s first PM born after Independence will face the old problem of poverty eradication

Posted by Latha Jishnu

Chinese scientists appear to be more open to discussing the risks and ethics of new technologies than their Indian counterparts

Ankur Paliwal visits Moradabad district where a tigress is on the prowl to find out why she took to killing humans

Aparna Pallavi faces some inconvenient home truths and gets to know about some easy home remedies for painful medical conditions at a meeting of traditional healers

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