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As India debates how to allocate natural resources, the north-eastern states face a peculiar challenge
Nagaland government wrests control of oil resources from the Centre, communities cry foul
Meghalaya government ignores Central mining laws; communities lose coal to mining mafias
Government in the Northeast frame policies to subvert community rights over forests. In many cases these policies benefit companies
Over-administration leaves little scope for communities to assert their rights over natural resources

The Global Hunger Index report recommends returning to traditional diets comprising locally available, biodiverse food to overcome growing under-nutrition

Cartoons and graphics by
Sorit Gupto
Top green start-ups of 2014
Posted by Richard Mahapatra

Manufacturing needs to get a boost. But what to manufacture and how are two critical questions

Forty four hydropower projects threaten Siang, the Everest of rivers

Posted by Aparna Pallavi

Prime Minister seems to have gone back on promises to farmers

Posted by Tarique Niazi

The divide between developed and developing nations threatens a binding treaty on climate change to replace Kyoto protocol

Posted by Latha Jishnu

Why do democratic governments hide trade negotiations that have dire consequences for public services?

Posted by Divya Karnad

If we accept the premise that ecological concerns are as worthy as developmental needs , then the decision to have a mine, dam, or road needs to be weighted by its ecological detriment

Posted by Priyavrat Bhati

The Asian giant is sending out conflicting signals on whether it intends to curb greenhouse gas emissions, pollution

Posted by Amit Khurana

The possible industry response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suggestion may not be fruitful for public health

Posted by Manoj Misra

Rediscover Wular ‘sea’ to mend valley’s flood woes

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