World of Cape Towns

From Cape Town to Bengaluru and Nairobi to Mexico City, hundreds of cities across the world are on the verge of going completely dry

Nairobi's water crisis likely to continue till 2026

Besides deficit rain, the issue of water governance is robbing Nairobians of their water

At least 200 cities are fast running out of water

This comes as a surprise because cities have thrived and expanded along rich, perennial sources of water

36 per cent cities to face water crisis by 2050

An estimated 400 million people currently live in cities with perennial water shortage

When water is no longer limitless

Cities need to innovate, diversify supply sources and emphasise judicious use of water

Why does Kosi river cause devastating floods so often? Answer lies in massive siltation: study

1,082 million tonnes of silt has been deposited in the river in the last 54 years, finds a new study

Scientists develop bio-fortified maize to address ‘hidden hunger’

The new hybrids have 4.5 folds more vitamin A content and similar amounts of lysine and tryptophan as earlier varieties

Psychographics: the behavioural analysis that helped Cambridge Analytica know voters' minds

How the Cambridge academic Michal Kosinski’s model is able to predict someone’s personality profile just on the basis of 300 likes

Delhi’s crop area reduced by 34%; less than 1% workforce engaged in agriculture

The Economic Survey of Delhi also revealed that the area under food-grain crops has decreased substantially


special coverage

Director General of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and the Editor of Down To Earth magazine. She is an environmentalist who pushes for changes in policies, practices and mindsets

Cities need wisdom for water

Be it Cape Town or Bengaluru, the cities, especially in Global South, need to …

Some forest questions

The State of Forest Report 2017 does provide important nuggets of insights …


मल से मालामाल करने वाले शख्स थे ध्रुबज्योति घोष

 ध्रुबज्योति घोष ने मल में मौजूद पोषक तत्वों की मदद से पूर्वी कोलकाता वाटरलैंड्स को पावरहाउस में तब्दील कर दिया। उन्होंने 16 फरवरी को दुनिया को अलविदा कह दिया। 

कोयले के व्यवसायिक खनन का रास्ता खुला

भारत सरकार ने 20 फरवरी को कोयला खनन के दरवाजे निजी कंपनियों के लिए खोल दिए। इसी के साथ सरकारी खनन कंपनी कोल इंडिया का एकाधिकार खत्म हो गया। इसी मुद्दे पर दस सवाल

सुलगता खतरा

नाइजीरिया चारकोल की मांग पूरी करने के लिए ऊष्णकटिबंधीय वन तेजी से खोता जा रहा है। इस सस्ते ईंधन ने देश की जैव विविधता के सामने संकट खड़ा कर दिया है।


The future is electric

The global automobile fleet is marching forward to wean away from fossil fuels. India has shown intent but lacks a clear policy and roadmap. What is the way out?

  • Cancer's other face
  • Cancer's other face

    In what reads like a mystery novel, Christofferson proposes the theory of deranged metabolism and not genetic mutation as the likely cause of cancer