Natural Disasters

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What’s causing untimely forest fires in Kashmir? Prolonged dry spell

During this time of the year, the state generally receives around 40 per cent of its rainfall during this time, but that has not been the case this year


After 7.9 shock

The earthquake that shook Nepal and northern India underscores the urgency to understand the seismicity of the Himalayas and to improve the design of buildings in the region

Raining troubles

Little-understood western disturbances have been blamed for most of the freak weather events in India in the past decade. With 50 per cent of its foodgrain production at risk, can India afford to ignore the phenomenon?


'Himalayan region will have earthquakes greater than magnitude 8 in the future'

Rebecca Bendick,Geologist and professor, department of geosciences, University of Montana

Why Delhi continues to choke year after year

Sunita Narain and Anumita Roychowdhury explain the current air pollution situation in Delhi