Unless there is an equal representation of mining-affected people and mine workers in the governing council, the needs of people affected by mining can not be addressed. Credit: Chandra Bhushan

Increasing political members in Rajasthan's DMF body is highly problematic: experts

Grossly neglects the scope of mining-affected people to have a say in investments and decisions of DMFs 


Mining at deep sea

Countries are delving deeper into the ocean to explore its mineral wealth. The deposits on the ocean floor are enormous and the ecology of this largest habitat on earth, unexplored. How will deep sea mining impact the ecology and shape the mechanism to share common resources?

Coal quandary

In a sweeping pronouncement, the Supreme Court has termed all the 218 coal blocks allocated since 1993 illegal. This has raised a fundamental question: how to allocate high-value natural resources in a fair and transparent manner? An analysis by Anupam Chakravartty and Srestha Banerjee