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Climate Negotiations


Glasgow, Scotland 31 Oct - 12 Nov 2021

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COP 25

Madrid, Spain 02 Dec - 13 Dec 2019

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COP 24

Katowice, Poland 03 Dec - 14 Dec 2018

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COP 23

Bonn, Germany 06 Nov - 17 Nov 2017

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Sunita Narain on Climate Change

CoP26 a missed opportunity: Graduate from kindergarten diplomacy

The much-delayed climate summit in Glasgow did little to acknowledge that combatting climate change requires cooperation at a scale never seen before

India’s new climate targets: Bold, ambitious and a challenge for the world

An already low-emitter, India’s new commitments to fight climate change force the historical emitters and China to commit to bolder emission-reduction pathways

CoP26 slideshow: Environment and development changes in a climate-risked world

Climate change is real; and it is important to understand its various manifestations to combat it. Sunita Narain presents a slideshow to cut the clutter 

books on climate change
Climate Change: Science and Politics

Climate change is real. The very fact that the American President, Joe Biden, invited 40 world …

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Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India

Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a …

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Climate Change Reader for Universities

Climate change is dictating the fate of our planet. Record temperatures, melting ice sheets and …

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