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2022 too short, too far: Air pollution was in the news again, not least due to Delhi

Down To Earth recaps the primary environment, health and developmental news from 2022  

Bengal Barrier: Experts question plan to erect ‘green wall’ on state’s western border and stop pollutants

Research shows that Bengal receives less transboundary pollution compared to other Indian states

Toxic air: Graded Response Action Plan announced for Kolkata, other Bengal cities

West Bengal government’s GRAP is neither graded nor forecasting-based like Delhi’…

Air pollution kills our children; and it isn’t even acknowledged

Lack of political will and intent and not making an explicit linkage with health means that …

Vehicles were top polluters in Delhi during Diwali week: CSE

Delhi has 14 million registered vehicles and an annual addition of 0.5 million vehicles a year

Exposure to vehicular pollution may increase risk of dementia

More than 90% of the world population is lives in areas with higher than recommended levels …

Fields on fire: Punjab, Haryana farmers start burning paddy stubble to make way for vegetables

NASA shows 222 incidents of stubble burning in September; Amritsar, Tarn Taran hotspots

CSE analysis finds bias towards dust control due to CPCB assessment for funding

PM 10 levels considered for disbursing funds; Barely any difference in PM 2.5 levels …

‘Air pollution cuts India’s average life expectancy by 5 years’

Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the others mentioned …

Unprecedented ozone levels have made Delhi air more toxic: CSE analysis

Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad also show worrying trends

Did unprecedented Covid deaths, funerals cause spike in Delhi’s pollution levels during second wave

New study recorded an unusual increase in particulate matter during the second wave lockdown

Almost entire global population breathes unhealthy air: WHO

Large variation in PM2.5 levels across global economies, NO2 concentration almost same

Bangladesh PM2.5 levels 7 times higher than WHO limit: Study

Clear link between heightened pollution and developmental works  

Deaths linked to PM2.5 2nd highest in India: Study

In India, coal accounted for 16% deaths linked to air pollution in 2015 and 17.1% in 2017

At least 56 north Indian cities experience winter pollution trends similar to Delhi: CSE study

‘Very poor’, ‘severe’ days significantly higher in National Capital …

Leave control, even effective pollution monitoring not happening at Delhi-NCR’s power plants: CSE

Make continuous emission monitoring system data public for air quality betterment CSE study …

Why Punjab’s short-duration paddy varieties have not solved stubble burning

Promoted by the government, short-duration varieties now dominate Punjab’s paddy …

Is an annual lockdown the solution to Delhi’s air pollution woes? Yes, says data

Vehicles are the largest contributor of Delhi’s pollution, not stubble burning, says …

Delhi Pollution Crisis: CM Kejriwal announces school shutdown in Delhi for a week

Emergency measures are not a magic bullet; systemic and sustained change in Delhi’s …

Delhi’s 13.2 million vehicles are now the primary source of its winter pollution: CSE

Delhi needs to urgently work on public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure and …

Diwali 2021: Elevated levels of toxic gases in smog, in addition to particulate matter, says CSE

Average daily contribution of stubble fire smoke from mid-October to early November lowest …

Delhi smog conditions improve; air quality in UP, Haryana still grim

There is nothing to be happy about the improvement in Delhi’s air quality since …