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How will climate change affect carbon sequestered in tropical forests?

New study emphasises not just species diversity but also geodiversity

Why India needs to see climate change as urgent political issue

Privatising energy and agricultural sectors will bring India closer to its economic goals &…

Global emissions are way off target: what needs to happen

Four key questions on climate change and what their answers would mean 

There’s hope, if we wake up to today’s evolutionary potential

Everyone needs to be fired up with a rage aligned with the feminine principle of care …

New CoP 26 Glasgow president: Alok Sharma distracts from national ambition

Nature-based solutions and Net Zero are welcome and adaptation finance is crucial. But they …

Draft EU Climate Law: Incomplete framework, poor on internationalism

Climate activist Greta Thunberg termed the proposed EU law’s 2050 net-zero target a &…

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden differ deeply on climate justice, common sense

Senators Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are not far apart in their climate rhetoric  

Draft EU climate law: Too little ambition, net-zero target too late

2050 global net-zero goals only ensure 66 per cent chance of limiting warming to 1.5°C; …

EU cannot use ‘nature-based solutions’ to make up for lack of emissions cuts

Over-estimating the potential of such solutions is bad for biodiversity and the climate

CCUS: A climate-friendly approach to India’s $5 trillion economy

CCUS combined with EOR can be a win-win situation for India

Climate crisis: 3 financial firms can make an effect

Corporate ownership has become concentrated in the hands of the 'big 3' passive asset …

BP and British media must stop green-washing

All promises of climate action must come with estimates of costs and emissions mitigated

Getting Amazon to pay its taxes could be Jeff Bezos’ biggest climate action

Climate justice demands democratic oversight over efforts to overcome mankind’s …

2020 Climate Targets: The Paris Agreement legally requires better targets this year

Climate justice can grow out of science and law, but it requires political leadership to …

WWF Global Futures pushes ‘nature-based solutions’ agenda

They are not only a distraction from reducing consumption and decarbonising all sectors of …

Obituary: Rajendra Kr Pachauri: (20 August, 1940 - 13 February, 2020)

Failings apart, his was the scientific face of fight against climate change as well as its …

India has to increase emissions, RK Pachauri told me

The former head of IPCC died at 79 leaving behind a trail of headlines on climate change

IEA’s push for climate ambition must start at home

International Energy Agency's latest carbon dioxide numbers try to greenwash biggest …

Three things historical literature can teach us about the climate crisis

The climate emergency may be unprecedented, but there are a few key ways in which past …

Climate emergency: A question of semantics?

Framing the changing climate as an emergency is preventing progress towards climate action

Ed Miliband makes a potentially transformative pitch for CoP 26 Glasgow presidency

He must clarify position on carbon markets, genuinely work in partnership with world

Smoking gun letter reveals British CoP president’s 7-point climate action plan

Claire Perry O’Neill’s successor, Britain’s fine civil servants and its …