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Global warming to hit India the worst in Asia by 2070

Over 9 billion across the world likely to be exposed to annual average temperatures …

How to manage disasters: Assam officials visit Odisha to learn

Three officials from Assam were recently in Kendrapara and Puri to know how Odisha managed …

Daily temperature extremes affect fire activity in Sierra Nevada: Study

Number of wildfires in the region could rise by as much as 83% by the 2040s; the area …

Renewable wood-based products can help combat climate change: FAO

Bioeconomy has emerged as a concept for tackling challenges that contribute to climate change

Climate change is real: Assam tea did not see a second flush this year

Measures to mitigate the impact of climate change on the tea industry need to be urgently …

Climate change & mental health: Suicides linked with rise in humidity, says new study

Humidity obstructs the body's natural cooling system 

BRSR disclosure pathway to green companies: Indian industry lobby at CoP26

BRSR is a standardised reporting format that will give a baseline to draw comparison …

Africa’s financial sector must cope with climate risk for smooth transition to Net Zero: Report

At least 49 banks in Africa have over $200 billion in lending across sectors with high-…

Worried about Zika virus outbreak? That’s one more reason to be afraid of climate change

A warming world can widen reach and accelerate evolution of the virus

What happened at CoP26: A complete report card

Glasgow Climate Pact dismisses climate justice as a concept that is important only for some

CoP26: A ‘net nothing’ summit that the UN termed a global compromise

Glasgow failed to respond to climate urgency and betrayed the poor, claim activists

CoP26: With less than 100 months left for a climate redline, here is a deal that feels laggard

India forces coal and subsidies ‘phase out’ clause to milder and undefined &…

A third draft, still undecided; CoP 26 might not deliver what is expected

Unabated coal and fossil fuel subsidies are still in the text; ‘just transition’…

COP26 might just end without much to offer

Countries are giving their status in the informal stocktaking plenary, indicating at an impasse

The latest CoP26 decision draft urges and urges; and then deeply regrets

The decision falls short of what the world needs according to various scientific reports …

CoP26: Hardly 12 hours to go, completion of Paris rulebook still under cloud in Glasgow

Big announcements have hardly influenced on-ground negotiations at Glasgow

CoP26 report card: Agriculture continues to remain subterranean even in Glasgow

Resource-intensive food systems subsidised by rich countries live another day

What Chennai (and India) must do to prevent urban flooding

Infrastructure upgradation, coordination between government agencies and nature-based …

CoP26 report card: Methane’s role in global warming in sharp focus for the first time

105 countries signed pledge to cut emission, 3 biggest emitters didn't join

CoP26 Diary (Nov 10): Cover decision draft mentions ‘coal’, ‘fossil fuels’ for first time

Guinea, speaking on behalf of G77, commented that developed country partners showed “…

Chennai may break its own record for November rainfall

Lack of climate-resilient infrastructure and encroachment of water bodies has proved costly …

Shoe on the other foot: The UN generates its own carbon, including from CoPs

A new report by the UN though has noted that its own emissions reduced in pandemic year …