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Live water storage in reservoirs at the end of monsoon less than 2020

Punjab recorded the highest deficit of 40%

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Water quality and levels of pharmaceutical contaminants in the Cauvery influenced by the …

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For the past 20 years, India has experienced terrestrial water storage (TWS) loss of at …

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What is killing Uttarakhand’s small wetlands? Degraded Niranjanpur pond carves a live example

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Tanks in Karnataka: Sharing land, water at a time of scarcity

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Over 20,000 water bodies freed from encroachment in Bihar for rainwater harvesting

The state lost over 100,000 ponds in three decades, mostly to development projects

Activist protesting Odisha’s plan to divert river forcibly removed from protest site, in hospital

The Odisha government has filed 1,000 cases and arrested 24 people who ransacked a project …

‘Drought-like’ Nagaland stares at water scarcity, low harvest

Seven of Nagaland’s 12 districts had ‘deficient’ rainfall till August 19

Fate of Afghanistan’s karez system uncertain, but south India’s surangam thriving

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The total volume in 130 reservoirs monitored is 61 per cent of their overall capacity

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