No relief to RO companies from Supreme Court

Apex court does not take cognizance of BIS report on water quality

Scheme to interlink rivers on fast track, govt tells Parliament

Work on at least four such projects is set to start soon as the detailed project reports …

Big leap ahead for India's sanitation economy

Four-day summit in Pune gathers experts and businesses

Uttarakhand dams jeopardise Ganga's free flow

Two private and one government owners of dams on the Ganga refuse to follow the upcoming …

Meat industry worst among food-based industries in terms of water management

New report says meat firms pollute groundwater and overuse water to farm their products

River deltas are 'drowning', threatening hundreds of millions of people

Better management of river sediment is vital to improve the outlook for the world’s deltas

Mekong's water levels fall as new Laos dam begins operations

The water levels in Southeast Asia’s great river have fallen to their lowest in 100 years

How drug resistance spreads in urban environment

Pharmaceutical and personal care product residues were directly associated with raw sewage

Bihar to pipe Ganga water to three cities

Gaya, Rajgir, Nawada suffer drinking water shortage

Continuing monsoon: Live storage of all Indian reservoirs now 88 % of their capacity

However, Tripura and Nagaland are still facing a deficit in their reservoirs

ODF status will mean nothing without faecal sludge & septage management

With faecal sludge treatment still in nascent stage in India, toilets will add to the load …

India lags in drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities: Study

The Harvard University study is based on the performance of India’s 543 parliamentary …

Swachh Bharat Mission: Water shortage drives people in Marathwada to open fields

Maharashtra’s rain-shadow region has had so little rain in the last four years that …

Swachh Bharat Mission: How model villages in Odisha quit ODF

Every household now has an extra toilet, due to SBM. Yet people are forced to defecate …

Swachh Bharat Mission: Women take the lead in Himachal Pradesh

The state, with almost 60% of panchayats headed by women, tackled open defection by …

Swachh Bharat Mission: Nilgiris sets example of community effort

More than 100,000 tribals, dalits and women raised a loan of Rs 20 crore to build toilets, …

Only 4% CSR funds go to save water: Jal Shakti minister Shekhawat

During India Water Week, the Union minister says even water-intensive industries dedicate …

Ancient Venus was potentially habitable for three billion years: Study

The planet had stable temperatures — between a maximum of about 50°C and a …

Reservoir levels now at 85%, but storage in six states still low

West Bengal, Tripura, Jharkhand, Nagaland collectively have a deficit of 41 percentage …

Happy birthday PM Modi; here are some messages from those affected by Sardar Sarovar

Filling the reservoir up to the brim may be good photo-op, but a dangerous one. Here’s why

Reservoir levels now at 79%

There’s 133.588 billion cubic metre of water in 113 reservoirs in the country

Increasing population puts pressure on land and water too: UNCCD

Demand of water for agricultural purposes will double by 2050 due to increasing demands for food