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Waste smart cities

The CSE survey revealed what cities must and must not do to address the challenge of managing waste

Reinvention is the key

What direction should India's waste management take? What does the future hold in store?

Unsustainably clean

Dumping waste in landfills is not a solution. These cities must learn to process waste

Potato peel, fruit waste turned into packaging material

Scientists at the Tezpur University in Assam have made thin biopolymer films from potato peels and fruit waste to store food items


Lessons from two cities

Pune aims to become a zero-landfill city by 2015. With a range of solid waste management options, the target does not seem too ambitious. Bengaluru, on the other hand, is forced by a court order to do what Pune is already doing. Arnab Pratim Dutta reports from Pune and Aparna Pallavi from Bengaluru


‘Tsunami’ of e-waste rolling out over the world

Annually, one million people die from occupational poisoning, says UNEP chief