Shrinking source

More than half of the world's major aquifers, which store groundwater, are depleting faster than they can be replenished

Harappa to Harsud: water management in India

We have turned water, the free gift of nature, into one of its dearest commodities, says Sorit Gupto
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Access Denied

Narmada crusader Medha Patkar says the space for mass movements on water is shrinking

Storm in a water pot

Social activist Nafisa Barot recalls how water unleashed the powerful energies of women in Gujarat

Toilet-rich, water-poor

Santosh Devi, a former sarpanch, says attaining total sanitation for her village was easier than ensuring clean and sweet water

Wiped out

Modernisation is pushing many traditional occupations dependent on water to the brink of extinction

Rivers of stories: a yarn of tales about India's rivers

Each river in the subcontinent has a story and most have several stories, says the writer


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River Pollution

Three rivers are now legally people – but that's just the start of looking after them

Giving legal rights to non-human entities doesn’t mean much if they can’t be enforced


'Fight to save Aizawl's river in legends'

Rochamliana,General secretary of the Zoram Research Foundation which works on river restoration, talks on the urgent need to protect the Chite river from urbanisation and pollution

  • Scattered dots
  • Scattered dots

    Sarnath Banerjee takes on too many nuances of a water crisis that are difficult to integrate in his graphic novel

  • The book is a fictitious account of dystopian Delhi in the throes of a seemingly never-ending water war "