Ozone Agreement

Is ozone layer depletion a ‘solved problem’?

On the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, here is a reminder of how continued adherence to norms is key if we don’…


China continues to use ozone depleting CFC-11 in violation of Montreal Protocol

Between 40 and 60 per cent of total global CFC-11 emissions originate from Eastern China, reveals study. This is no good news for the ozone …


HFC phase down amendment favourable but not perfect

Questions around financing and acquisition of new generation fluoro-chemicals still remain


MOP 28: Countries close to agreeing on a dual baseline for HFC phase down

Experts suggest that this could lead to a change in the status quo of differentiation mechanism for Montreal Protocol parties


Montreal Protocol talks begin on a positive note in Geneva

Negotiations to phase down HFCs continue from where they were left at in Dubai last year


HFC Phase down negotiations to continue in Geneva

Negotiations to focus mainly on HFC phase down and amendment proposals