Cola Anonymous?

Published: Sunday 15 May 2005

-- The Five Soft Drink Monsters; how to finally kick the soft drink habit for good Mike Adams Truth Publishing International 2004

Giving up the soft drink habit can be every bit as tough as beating the more obvious addictions, says Mike Adams, author of a new, do it yourself de-addiction book, describing the regimen he used to knock his own dependence.

What hooks a person to a soft drink? For some, even the sound of a can being opened can start up the urge to go and get a cola (advertising uses this quite effectively). Then there are what Adams calls his 'monsters', ranging from caffeine to carbonation. But there are ways to beat them. For instance, using a calorie-free herbal sweetener Stevia, doesn't have the sort of health risks that are associated with conventional artificial sweeteners.

Almost a campaign paper for good health, this e-book has interesting insights on the various lobbies involved. For instance, the us supports sugar despite reservations by the World Health Organization.

Adams, a holistic nutritionist,finds addictions are all about being conditioned. The perfect state is when plain water looks attractive and a soft drink can make you gag. That's it, you're cured!

For those who'd still choose flavour over risks like diabetes, cancer, obesity and broken bones, this is a must-read.

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