Final equation

The value of gravitational constant is influenced by Earth's magnetic field

Published: Tuesday 15 October 2002

Electromagnetism and gravity influence one another enough for gravity's pull to be noticeably affected by the Earth's magnetic field, indicates a new research. The research conducted by Jean-Paul Mbelek and Marc Lachieze-Ray of French Atomic Energy Commission is based on theories such as the string theory that try to unify all the forces, including electromagnetism and gravity, by invoking the existence of several extra spatial dimensions.

The researchers calculated the values that Newton's gravitational constant (G) is suppose to have at different locations and found that they were greater where the Earth's magnetic field is strong. The highest measurements were re-corded at the north and south magnetic poles.

According to the researchers, the best way to test their theory would be to take accurate measurements of G at different longitudes along the equator.

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