Indonesian government bans backyard poultry

Indonesian government bans backyard poultry

In a bid to contain the rising number of human bird flu deaths, Indonesian government has banned all backyard poultry in its capital Jakarta. Four Indonesians died from the disease in the first week of January and another was confirmed as infected. This makes Indonesia's human death toll from bird flu 61, the highest in any country.

The ban will cover all domestic birds, including chicken, ducks and pigeons. In lieu, poultry owners will receive a compensation of us$1.40 per bird. Experts feel that enforcing the ban could be difficult, as backyard poultry has a major role in the country's economy and is a source of livelihood for the poor.

Meanwhile, Japan confirmed an outbreak of bird flu after the virus killed about 4,000 chickens in Kiyotake town in Miyazaki prefecture. Thailand has also witnessed a similar outbreak in northern Phitsanulok province.

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