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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
Handbook of Environmental Economics in India, edited by Kanchan Chopra and Vikram Dayal, OUP, Rs 850
The need to balance economic growth, expanding consumption and population growth with environmentally sustainable development is increasingly considered important. This book captures the trends that have emerged over the past two decades in environmental economics.

Legal Grounds, Natural Resources, Identity, and the Law in Jharkhand, Edited by Nandini Sundar, OUP, Rs 650
Legal Grounds explores the ways in which the law impinges on access to natural resources, and how people use it to stake claims of citizenship. Using the case of Jharkhand, it raises questions about colonialism, globalization and the rule of law in a society divided by class, ethnicity and gender.

Linguistic Genocide in Education or Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights? by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Orient Blackswan, Rs 820
This volume shows how most indigenous and minority education contribute to linguistic genocide, according to the UN definitions. The author synthesizes theoretical concerns and research areas.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Change: Conserving Power for a Sustainable Future by B Sudhakara Reddy, Gaudenz B Assenza, Dora Assenza, Franziska Hasselmann, Sage Publications, Rs 750
This book discusses the policy instruments to promote investment in energy efficiency. A discussion on implications of laws on climate change is followed by a proposal for commercialization of technologies, with a focus on multilateral institutions.
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