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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

Four fish, paul greenberg, Penguin, Rs 550

Writer and fisherman Paul Greenberg takes us on a culinary journey through the oceans telling stories of sal mon, sea bass, cod and tuna. He visits Norwegian mega farms that use genetic techniques— once pioneered on sheep to grow millions of kilogrammes of salmon every year—and travels to the land of the Yupik Eskimos to see the only Fair Trade Certified fishing company, asking questions such as, what does overfishing mean? What’s the difference between wild, farmed and organic fish? Should humans domesticate fish as they have domesticated animals?

Indian Patent Law And Practice by Kalyan C Kankanala, Arun K. Narasani and Vinita Radhakrishnan, OUP, Rs 775

This book blends studies of technology management and law to give an insight into patent concepts.

Supplemented by analyses of relevant cases and illustrations, it delves into the aspects of patent law relating to chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, software, electronics, and manufacturing.

Historical demography and agrarian regimes: Understanding southern Indian fertility, 1881–1981 by Ravindran Gopinath, Orient Blackswan Rs 650

This book critically reviews the historiography of demography, in particular fertility change, and provides a detailed annual series of corrected population statistics for an entire century. Applying conventional demographic methodology to hitherto underutilised government data, the author links demographic change to the larger changes in the political and economic spheres.

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