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Published: Tuesday 30 June 2009
Contested Grounds; Essays on Nature, Culture, and Power
Edited by Amita Baviskar, Oxford University Press, Delhi, Rs 650

This book takes you to petroleum fields, palm oil plantations in Indonesia, water-scarce Gujarat and environmental decision-making in the UK. Nine social scientists try to understand the changing relations between states, markets, social groups and their bio-physical environment.

Disability And society A Reader
edited by Renu Addlakha, Stuart Blume, Patrick J. Devlieger, Osamu Nagase and Myriam Winance, Orient Blackswan, Delhi, Rs 695

In the 1980s physically challenged scholars in the West began to critique biomedical conceptions of disability. Narratives produced by physically-challenged people themselves have since enriched social science. This volume compiles some of the seminal studies.

State of VaccinationThe Fight Against Smallpox in Colonial Burma
by Atsuko Naono, Orient Blackswan, Delhi, Rs 695

Researched at India Office library in London and archives in Myanmar, this examines how a colonial medical establishment attempted to cope with the neglect that came from being on the periphery of British India.

Spiders of India
by P A Sebastian and K V Peter,
Universities Press, Hyderabad, Rs 1,395

This book is not for the arachnophobic. It contains an updated checklist of the 1,520 species found in India. There are over 150 photographs, many of spiders documented for the first time.
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