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SOE 2017 and Food book combo offer


Print version

Price: $ 90.00

Last Updated: Tuesday 01 August 2017

Annual State Of India’s Environment - SOE 2017

Our ever popular annual SOE report will be released in January 2017. You can reserve your copy RIGHT NOW at a pre-publication price of Rs.190/-!!! We have made this year’s book even better incorporating some of the suggestions from our regular readers. It will be a collector’s item once again giving you the whole year’s highlights in one place. Students preparing for IAS and other competitive exams will obviously benefit from this book.

FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste

Communities across India have found innovative ways to use seasonal produce that grows locally. The book brings to you a collection of nearly 50 recipes that use local produce.

Inaugural price for this month – Rs.1050/-

* Please note all special offers are valid only for India and do not apply to orders placed from abroad or for despatches outside India

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